Category: Composer

Conspiracy of silence (SE)

TV-series in 8 parts directed by Charlotte Brändström for Brain Academy and Viaplay. Frans Bak wrote the main themes and…

Liget og lottokuponen (DK)

Classic whodunit drama for children directed by Niels Grønne for Syddjurs Egnsteater. I composed the jazzy score in classic noir…

Oister (DK)

I have produced and recorded a number of tracks for Oister campaigns by CO Plus. “Oister for alle” – Summer…

No trace (US)

Short film written and directed by Miranda Sajdak. I wrote the score together with Frans Bak. No trace:

Sporskifte (DK)

Short film directed by Gordon Kennedy and Thomas Magnussen for M&M Productions. Frans Bak and I wrote the score together….

Noma – my perfect storm (DK)

Documentary feature directed by Pierre Deschamps for Documentree Films. I composed the score together with Frans Bak. Official trailer:

TC electronics (DK)

I have been a fan of TC Electronics products for a long time and was thrilled to get to do…

Håndvæ (DK)

I wrote and recorded this happy-whistling theme for a Håndvæ campaign produced by Made in Valby.

Gerningsstedet (DK)

Frans Bak and I wrote and recorded all the music for this docu-crime series with reenactments of famous criminal cases….

Rovdyr (DK)

A psychological thriller written by Kristian T. Erhardsen and directed by Kamilla Bach Mortensen for Teater Svalegangen. I composed the…

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