Author: KH Ibsen

Sort symfoni (DK)

Frans Bak made this album with electronica artist Spejderrobot and it was released on Unit Shifter Records. I ended up…

Oister (DK)

I have produced and recorded a number of tracks for Oister campaigns by CO Plus. “Oister for alle” – Summer…

No trace (US)

Short film written and directed by Miranda Sajdak. I wrote the score together with Frans Bak. No trace:

Ingen panik (DK)

Comedy show featuring Anders W Berthelsen, Troels Lyby & Nicolaj Kopernikus. Frans Bak wrote the song “Nicos nosser” and I…

Sporskifte (DK)

Short film directed by Gordon Kennedy and Thomas Magnussen for M&M Productions. Frans Bak and I wrote the score together….