Category: Orchestrator

Bleu Catacombes (FR)

Tv movie directed by Charlotte Brändström for Astharté et compagnie. Frans Bak composed the score and I did arrangement and…

Smyril line (IS)

I composed, orchestrated and recorded the music for this travle campaign.

13 steps down (UK)

British 2-part tv-drama directed by Marek Losey for Parallel Film based on a Ruth Rendell novel. Frans Bak wrote the…

Min søsters børn alene hjemme (DK)

Feature film directed by Martin Miehe-Renard for Opel Film and There Film. Frans Bak composed the main theme and I…

Bastarden (DK)

Short film directed by Karoline Lyngbye for Super 8. I wrote, orchestrated and recorded the score. Bastarden:

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